Spike The Small!
Just saw Hotel Transylvania

It was cute & funny but of course, very predictable. But as a doodler, it was inspirational with all the monsters & shittttt. I’d say go see it but I have yet to see Paranorman or frankenweenie soooo YUH. HALLOWEEN SHIT. 

What is this

Why is Angelina Jolie  Maleficent? What’s going on behind our backs WHAT ARE Y’ALL NOT TELLING ME

Sorry for anyone what fallows me on DA, FB & here~

You get to see my shit 3 fucking times. Well, finally got around to finishing my fanart for Cabin in the Woods. This was my fave monster~

First time really drawing an Alien. Think I did ok. Couldn’t figure out if I wanted to draw the neck a little bit or not. TOO LATE NOW I GUESS!!!

Been working on this for a little bit. I gave the original scribble to them at Viva Ska Vegas this summer. Hopping they at least all looked at it x_x’